How do we get started?
We start with an initial appointment (at no charge to you) during which we will discuss your design needs, concerns and ideas. The next step is a consultation which is billed at an hourly rate.

A consultation is where your wants and needs for your space meet my creative, analytical abilities. We will discuss time and budget factors and begin to address the design issues at hand.

I will focus on how the space will best be used; take into consideration existing architecture, furniture, etc, and help determine the image you would like to project in this space. I will provide you with a summary of the selections and suggestions, made during the consultation and each follow-up appointment. Consultations must be scheduled for a minimum of one hour.

How do you charge?
I charge a flat rate per hour. I have found that this is simply most suitable for my clients and my business. Keep in mind that billable hours include all aspects of the design process. In other words all time spent on your design project. You may decide according to your budget and needs, where that time is spent.

How is merchandise purchased?
Generally I will provide you with all information necessary for you to purchase the items selected for your particular project. This allows you to take advantage of sale prices and alternate payment options when available. Occasionally I will purchase items for you; this is something we will discuss beforehand.
Regarding custom work such as window treatments and commissioned art: the artisan will furnish a quote and payment is made directly to them.

Explain how additional services are provided.
I provide referrals for skilled contractors who perform quality work. Estimates for work to be completed will be furnished to each of us, by the business providing the service. All compensation for services rendered will be made directly by you to the service provider. This allows you to avoid unnecessary and costly commission and handling fees. As well, I will be happy to work with a trades-person of your choice, if you prefer.

What is home staging?
Home staging is a valuable tool for making your home stand out in today’s market. We will address each area of your home; listing simple modifications with our focus on making your home more appealing to buyers. You will be surprised at how easily your home can go from now to wow!

What is event staging?
Helping you prepare your space for a special event such as holiday dinners, weddings, birthday parties, showers, luncheons, an open house, etc. In a jiffy we can spruce things up and create a lovely environment for your special occasion.

What is redesign?
Redesign is using what you already have and giving it a fresh look, by rearranging, organizing and sprucing it up. It is a fun, creative, easy, inexpensive way to give a room a whole new look and feel!

What exactly does holiday decorating include?
If you are in a pinch for time or just would rather not, then allow me to give your home that welcoming holiday appeal. We can use what you already have to adorn your home or workspace.We can also enhance with additional merchandise or start completely from fresh. Either way you will love the enchanting results!

Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes! A gift certificate for design services makes a truly unique and valuable gift.

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